Writers Digest will be holding its Self Publishing and Screen Writer's World Conference all in one place- Los Angeles, California in 2013! One of the main events will be the Pitch Slam- 2 days of meeting one on one with agents in both the publishing and screen writing industry from all over the world!  I will be attending and representing my current clientele but wanted to open the opportunity to also give you the chance to get noticed and maybe offered an international contract for publishing or even film! This conference offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your work in front of literary agents, editors and screenwriters, studio executives, television and movie producers who work in all types of television and film genres from horror flicks to love stories and everything in between to look at your work. One thing both pitch slams have in common- each one is actively seeking out fresh projects and new writers. Imagine speed dating for your book. I’ll sit down with a literary agent or editor you choose (click here to see the list of agents and editors at this year’s Pitch Slam Self Publishing Conference.Feel free to research them and indicate the ones you want me to pitch to), and take 90 seconds to pitch your work. Then I’ll get 90 seconds of unbiased, constructive feedback—and once I play my cards right, a request can be made to see more of your work! Then I'll move on to the next agent or editor and start the process all over again!  The Pitch Slam is the defining moment at this conference. It’s a pulse-pounding, real-life chance for me to pitch your writing to literary agents and get instant feedback. Click here to see the growing list of agents and industry executives that will be at the screen writers world conference

If you are seriously interested, please read carefully the following instructions below before hitting the submit/subscribe button. Time and preparation is of the essence!
  1. Fill in the details in the form below and submit.   
  2. As a show of commitment and seriousness, you will be required to pay a registration fee of US$50.00 per book (non refundable ) plus US$250 once selected (non refundable). This covers the administrative costs of going through your work, providing you initial feedback and selecting the best work to be represented.Upon payment of the US$50.00 using the link above (for credit cards holders only), you will be advised on what is to be submitted for consideration.If you send in more than one book to be considered, the best one will be chosen for the pitch slam, followed by an invoice for the remaining payment of US$250.00. Should you require other options for payment, send me an email at corine@helpdeskja.com. Of course, you can always attend the event and represent yourself. Just budget for US$2-3000.00 for the weekend depending on where you are coming from. It's your choice!
  3. Consideration will be on a first come, first served basis. The cut off date to receive requests and payments will be August 31 2013! That's a full 2 months of time to submit your manuscript, get an initial review before selection and prepare the pitch and marketing materials to represent you at the pitch slams. So get in early before it's too late!
  4. There will be more than 100 agents at both Pitch Slams. Some of them will be a better fit for you than others, so be sure to study the list of agents using the above link and indicate via the form below who you would like me to pitch to. In reviewing your work, I too will suggest those that I think will be a best fit. Remember to target only those who represent the kind of writing you do. Even better, look for agents who represent authors you particularly admire and emulate; you’ll know those agents share your taste in writing and are more likely to be a good fit.
  5. What guarantees do you have to be selected by an agent? None. I can't make any promises, except I will do my utmost best to represent you. Hence the reason for ensuring up front that the best work is put forward and enough lead time is taken into consideration to prepare my speech for each of you that I will represent. I have in mind some other ideas to bring a quick one - two punch so we will be working closely together to make that happen- leaving them with a never forget feeling, one that they will have to call me back! Also, within 2-3 weeks after the conference, I will compile all the feedback, comments etc and business cards received from meeting the agents and submit to you and discuss a plan of action going forward. With all the excitement, I may even call you on the day when they accept your work!


•    Immediate feedback on your writing by real agents with experience in your genre
•    Tips on various ways to improve your storyline and the pitch
•    One-on-one connections with agents and/or editors
•    The opportunity to land representation and get published!

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Corine La Font

Corine La Font is an Author, Certified Author Assistant and Online Book Marketing Specialist. She is also an Award Winning Publishing Resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. She writes a column in a major daily newspaper and has been featured on TV and radio. Get a copy of her book at http://amzn.to/TFHQka
Tune in to her radio show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/helpdeskja
She can be reached at corine@helpdeskja.com or visit her website at www.helpdeskja.com

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